Day 10. 27/07
Norrlanda - Roma Kloster (16.5 km)

We woke up in the church of Norrlanda. There is an extraordinary energy in temples. Last night, we got involved by a divine environment. We all commented that the experience was very peaceful and recovering new energies for continuing our journey.

We had not chance to get hot water. Without breakfast, we decided to start to walk. As a pilgrims, the 'Camino' will provide us. And it happened, we met Armin Scholler from Gotlands Museum at Ganthem Kyrka. He and his children were waiting for us with Fika (coffee and homemade cookies). Armin opened for us the door of the church tower. We could enjoyed with a fantastic view and the best toned bell of Gotland. It was chosen by Eva Sjöstrand and Owe Ronström for playing the last stroke on his all-bells-of-Gotland concert: Klockrent.

After Ganthem, the German pilgrim Gesa left us. She has to come back her homeland. We will miss her!

On the garden of Halla church, we took a long rest. We reached Roma klosterruin in the late afternoon. Björn Ahlsén from Region Gotland got accommodation for us in a building of Kungsgården close by the ruin of the Medieval monastery. Ellionore showed us our huge room. At this building, there is the backstage of Romateatern. We met the actors. Amazing people!

And one big surprise for us, Frida Lindroth gave us free tickets to see 'En Vintersaga' by Shakespeare in the evening. Great experience to see theater in an old ruin. We recommend you to come and see a funny comedy about love and fantasy.

Discussing long time about the play, our conversation goes from feelings to 12 dimensions... perfect scenario for going to sleep. Thanks to Armin, Björn and Frida for providing us an unforgettable day!!!

Tomorrow, resting day.

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