Day 9. 26/07
Anga - Norrlanda (4.9 km)

The shortest walking day has been very exciting. For first time, we woke up without clock alarm. After breakfast, we visited the Anga Kyrka. We enjoyed the beautiful Medieval paintings of the life of S:ta Margaretta. We started late to walk. Through the forest we picked small red balls. We do not know the name but the are so good although local people do not eat them...

We reached Norrlanda before noon. After visiting the church, we go to Big Pink Glass Studion. Where Jenny Olofsson and Alexis were blowing glass. It is amazing their work. Every glass piece is different and unique. Also to see how they work on live is a privilege. She invited us for coffee and free wifi. We spent so many time there that we forgot lunch.

We realized that we had not food. There were not farms on our short way. Luqaz Ottosson, a great cook that serves food at Jenny's place, sold us some vegetables. Perfect food basket for lunch.

Jenny suggested us to have a lunch closeby a ruin not far away from Norrlanda. On the way, we visited Skinnverkstan, the shop of Philip Willners. He is a leather artist. All his products are high quality hand made. It is a great traveller too. His last trip by bike was from Barcelona to Norrlanda, 3000 kms, 28 days.

He told us about the article on the newspaper. We were very curious to read it. And we got very excited. He asked us about our pilgrimage. Also, he show us to play "10.000", a 5-dices game very addictive...

Philip saw that we were looking a place for lunch and he offered us potatoes from his farm. We asked him if there is a fireplace to cook the potatoes. Not fire in Gotland in summer time. But he invited us to cook in his kitchen. We offered him to eat with us. He say: why not? And cooked meat on the grill. Nice to know about his travels around the world.

Thanks a lot to Jenny and Philip. We felt at home in their places.

And thanks to Åsa Mellviqst and Norrlanda parish for letting us to sleep in the church tonight. It would be a great experience that we will never forget it.

This is a pilgrimage. Buen Camino.

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