Day 8. 25/07
Östergarn - Anga (16.2 km)

In the morning, we were interviewed by Hanna Mi Jakobson from Gotland Allehanda. She asked about the project and took many pictures of us walking. Very funny moment for starting the day. Looking forward to read the article on the newspaper tomorrow.

For this meeting, we started to walk late. But did not matter. We felt very well on the way because we avoided traffic routes going through forests at the same time that we heard the sea. For lunch, we reached a farm nearby Vidfälle. Our approach was to buy food but only we got the chance to buy very good honey and marmalade from Stenstugu farm. With new energy, we did the last part of the route easy until arriving to Anga where Britta Hinas Persson gave us the key of Församlingshem, a beautiful house close to the church. After dinner, we did a night visit to the church. It is amazing to meditate in a Medieval church. All your body is transported to another state where the time stops still and your mind flows free around the space.

With a quiet soul, we will sleep very well tonight. Sweet dreams for all!

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