Day 7. 24/07
Ljugarn - Östergarn (18.8 km)

So beautiful walk has been today. The day started cloudy and windy. We thought that the walk became hard. But after reaching Folhammar Naturreservat the day changed into a sunny and warm. In the nature reserve we pass by an impressive field of Rauks and a labyrinth. All the route was close to the water and through a nice forest.

Different landscape than Folhammar - but not for that not beautiful - is Danbo Naturreservat. Walking through it is like to walking in an other time. A special energy you can feel there.

We take a break in the beach of Gryngvik. Perfect occasion for refreshing our body and resting for a while. We continue the route going North. On the right side, we saw the fishing village of Sysne.

Reaching our destination, we passed through Östergarnsberget. Where metal sculptures remind the exploration made by Carl von Linné on 18th century.

After getting accommodation in a cosy house of sports area -Thanks to Frederik to show us the place-. We went to Gutenviks gård for buying ecological vegetables for dinner. Delicious food. During the dinner, the mural artist Tite Edberg enjoyed and we were discussing about so many things. We will not change the world but it is grateful to share opinions about that.

Anga is our next destination. Buen camino.

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