Day 6. 23/07
Lau - Ljugarn (10.6 km)

The shortest walking day at the moment but the most tired so far. The route has been easy to approach but our aim has been to reach Ljugarn as soon as possible for finding accommodation.

We started around 9.30. We fixed the Lau Bygdegård and had breakfast. Afterworks, we visited the church of Lau, one of the most interesting buildings on the pilgrimage for its unique acoustic. Gesa, Isabel and Åsa have tested it by singing an old Germanic song. It was a wonderful moment.

Walking close to the sea, we passed by a shooting gun field, fishermen cabins transformed on summer houses and the wealthy cottages of Ljugarn.

After a fast lunch, we went to the beach for sleeping siesta and relax. The best part of the day has been the dinner when we have discuss about the pilgrimage as an art project at different levels: physically, socially, spirituality, community and psychology. We are learning from each other. And this is aesthetically the most value approach of this communal experience.

For first time on four days, we have the chance to have a shower. We feel reborn again.

Anne Sofie and Simon have to come back to Denmark tomorrow morning. Isabelle has muscular pain and sadly must to leave the pilgrimage. It has been a pleasure to share this walk with them. We will miss them.

Tomorrow, we will reach Östergarn. It will be a memorable walk.

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