Day 5. 22/7
Stavgard - Lau (20.8 km)

Leaving Stavgard was a very hard act. We found a comfortable place for staying. Anna came to say goodbye. We all have a very good feeling about the viking village and its people. But we have to continue on our pilgrimage. Today has been a sunny day. Probably the most pleasant walk at the moment. Our lunch was at the beach of Närshamn. A non-crowded beach close to Närkholm, a nature reserve where the landscape looks like African Sabana. It is not a joke. We invite you to visit and explore for your own.

Before reaching När Kyrka we got lost on the fields. We tried to do a shortcut but we had to cross over two channels. It was funny. Always we have some sort of adventure. If not, Apostlahästar på Gotland would not be a proper pilgrimage. In När, we visited a photo exhibition at a communal house. Our original idea was to take coffee for free but we discovered an interesting show about people from the parish. For example, a football player that joined the Swedish national team and a tennis player that was 75 in the world ranking. Also, an exhibition about the local emigration to US in contrast to the contemporary flow of the refugees in Gotland.

The coffee was very good. But the best part was the talk with the old people gardening the show. At the end, we payed for our coffees.

Around 19 we reached Lau Bygdegård. A wonderful place. Nowadays, there is a big loppis in the main room. Doesn’t matter. We got a cosy room upstairs. After a very lovely dinner, go to sleep.

Tomorrow there will be more adventures on our way to Ljugarn.

Thanks to Marita Oloffson for letting us to overnight here.

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