Day 4. 21/07
Stavgard (Resting day)

Today, resting day at Stavgard. A fantastic viking village with stories of treasures, ghosts and people... Look here:

But the most interesting issue is to meet the people are taking care of the place: Anna Sylvan -thanks for your company and bringing us bread-, Tore -thanks for telling the history of the treasure-, Leif Wigsten -thanks for showing the place and your good humour-, Patrik from Bondarve farm -thanks for the delicious lamm- and Carin Olofsson -thanks for your walking experience-, Viktor from Rone Smissarve -thanks for delivering his lovely ecological food- and Hanna Tunberg -thanks for teaching us to cook real viking food-. Thanks a lot!!

Igor and Isabelle have joined this evening -thanks to Nils-Erik Norrby for driving them to Stavgard-.

Tomorrow, seven pilgrims will reach Lau Kyrka. Buen camino.

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