Day 3. 20/07
Grötlingbo - Stavgard (24.7 km)

We left Grötlingbo Bygdegård early morning because people of the parish needed the place for celebrating a wedding.

After visiting the beautiful church of Grötlingbo. We reached Eke. There, we had a short rest beside the church.

On our way, we stopped at Rone Smissarve. A farm that grow up ecological vegetables. Delicious food. Viktor and Andrea, young couple owners of the farm, let us to have a lunch break in their garden. And siesta afterwards, of course.

We left the car road and continued on the waterline through an amazing Ålarve naturreservat.

In Ronehamn, we did a long rest. We continued along the shore walking among cows and sheeps until the fisherman-village of Tomtbod was reached. Beautiful place. There, Allan invited us to sleep at his place. But we could not, people were waiting for us at Stavgard.

Finally, we arrived to the old viking village where a huge silver treasure was found by a school class. Leif, Anna and Patrick had made fire for us. Stavgard is a magical place where we have the privilege to sleep. Out the time, no internet, no electricity. We did a big omelette on the fire. Fast dinner because we have only one thing in our minds: to enjoy the big mattress in the viking house for sleeping.

And Anna will sleep outside. Strong brave local girl!!

Tomorrow, resting day on viking style.

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