Day 2. 19/07
Öja - Grötlingbo (16.5 kms)

It was hard to leave Öja Församlingshem. We felt to be at home after having a breakfast in the garden. Around 11:30, we started to walk along the road to Fide. We did eat lunch there. After a short siesta, we decided to continue the route along the cost for enjoying the sea and taking a bath. It was nice at the beginning, a few kilometers the coast became a swamp. The swamp became a forest full of brush. We got lost. With good humour and positive energy we went out of the Gotlandic jungle. Very different it was to walk on Ringsvägen, an old road surrounding by nice houses and farms. We met Doris Hansson when we reached Grötlingbo Bygdegård. She explained about the place, a big house with a scenario and dancing floor... We were tired for dancing but we used the kitchen with the same passion.

Around 19.30, Gesa Schoop has joined to the pilgrimage. And the first thing that she experienced was a delicious smoked flundra. It was a present for us by Jan and Doris Hansson.

The second day is “finito”.

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