Day 12. 29/07
Roma Kloster - Suderbyn (21 km)

After breakfast, we started to walk towards Roma Kyrka on a road that was a graveyard for dead monks of the monastery. Under a sunny day, we went on West direction. For doing a short way, we walked on the clear forest made for the electricity line. Nice idea because we passed beside a quiet forest. We did not listen traffic and another sort of disturbing noise made by Humans.

We reached Stenkumla around 14. We liked the church. New pilgrims were surprised by its Medieval paintings. Something usual for pilgrims than have visited several churches on the way. For lunch, we ate in the garden of gallery-workshop of the artist Johannes Nevala. He is painter of birds that came from Finland, got married with a woman born in Gotland and he found the perfect island for his artistic production.

After a short siesta, the lovely sunny day became a cloudy-windy day, we continued walking for a beautiful path wherein we saw an old Viking stone. To 200 meters before reach Suderbyn, we found a cafeteria. For celebrating our successful route-day, we drank beer made in Gotland.

In the ecovillage of Suderbyn, all the people living there were waiting for us together new pilgrims: Aritz and Saga. We cooked a vegan paella and pizza for dinner. They wanted to do a fire for us but we were so tired and our only thought was to lay down on the beds that the ecovillage offered us. On beds.

Thanks to Nils-Erik Norrby and all people from the ecovillage of Suderbyn for letting us overnight in their magical place (

Tomorrow, we will pass through Visby towards Brucebo, one of the most beautiful places on Gotland.

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