Day 13. 30/07
Suderbyn - Brucebo (21.6 km)

After a good breakfast in Suderbyn. It is a very nice collective house here researchers from around the world come and develop projects related to sustainability and renewable energies. Nils-Erik Norrby showed to us the place. We visited the big dome and the diferent experiments that inhabitant are making in the garden.

Annki, Klara and Nils-Erik from the Suderbyn enjoyed us. Nils-Erik uses to work as a tourist guide and we was explained the route along the cost. The first place was Tofta. A old military restringed are that this summer will host the bigest military exercise in Gotland on this century, Aurora 17. More of 18000 Swedish soldiers will be part of that.

Passing by Ygne, we show the sea from West cost for first time. Walking along the cost, we enjoyed of the amazing views from Högklint.

We reached Visby for lunch. But we did not enter in the old city. We ate lunch in Almedalen park. A relaxing and beautiful garden outside of the Medieval wall where everysummer the popular poitic week is placed. After a short siesta, we enter in the Medieval city by Lilla Strandporten. A group of pilgrims were walking through tourists. The contrast between well-smelling travellers and dirty travellers. We visited the cathedral of Sta. Maria and some of the beautiful ruins in the city. We left the city for Snäckgärdsporten after visiting one of the nicest park in Gotland: Botaniska trädgård.

Our way continued along the shore. In the camping of Snäck, it started to rain. We had to walk faster. We were tired but the idea to be wet scared us. We reach Konstnärshemmet Brucebo in the sunset. Therese Sonehag helped us to leave all our pilgrim stuff in the re-build barn of Brucebo and invited us to take a shower in her place. While pilgrim washed themselves. Juanma, Igor and Klara visited Själsö Hamn where Mats Eklund was waiting for them. He gave them 16 fresh flundras - local fish -. Ready for dinner.

Juanma and Therese improvised a dish. Delicious. Many people gathered at Therese place for the dinner. Magic moment. After a long talking, we went to sleep.

More adventures, tomorrow.

Thanks to Therese Sonehag and Brucebo Foundation for opening their places for us.

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