Day 14. 31/07
Brucebo - Martebo (14.7 km)

When we wake up in the barn of Brucebo, the first thing we could feel was the smelling of fried bacon that Tom Sandström was cooking for us. It was a small advance for the great breakfast that enjoyed. Eva Sjöstrand and his husband Henrik, Mats Eklund, Therese Sonehag, Julijana Nyhaga, Laila Ljunggren and Sali came to the breakfast too. After breakfast, Tom showed us the house-museum of Brucebo. We told us about the artists that built it: Carolina and William Bruce. We enjoyed of their art. Nowadays, a foundation takes care of their legacy. Every summer, two students from Kungl. Konsthögskolan and two student from Canada get scholarship for travelling and staying in Brucebo since 80 years ago.

It was the best way to start the day.

After 200 meters, we did our first stop at Själsö Bagueri, the best bread and kanelbullar of Gotland. Melissa ended her journey there. She had to come back to Göteborg. We will miss her a lot!

The walk continued along the coast. On our way, we met a group of 5 German girl-scouts. We surprised because the youngest was 9 years old carrying on a huge bag-pack. We will never complain about our backpacks anymore.

We found nice beaches but we decided to take a bath-stop when Lummelunda naturreservat was reached. It was a good decision. As a farewell of the West coast, we swimmed naked. We felt free. There, we had lunch and a short siesta.

At the cafeteria de Limmelundas Grottan. We had Fika. With new energies, our pilgrimage went on. Just crossed 149 road, the landscape changes into immense agricultural fields.

As always it is happening in Apostlahästar på Gotland, we had a little adventure: suddenly, the path that we were walking on ended. We saw the tower of Martebo's church in the distance but a cereal field worked as a natural wall. We decided to crossed over a channel for doing a short cut following on the lines made by tractors.

Singing 'Age of Aquarius' by The 5th Dimension, we reached Martebo where Bengt Åbom was waiting for us. He showed us the church. Unique for its Romanic-Gothic style and its small 13th century sculptures on the porticos.

We did not know where we were going to sleep. We followed Bengt, as pilgrims, we accept every kind of accommodation because we depend of the hospitality of the people living in Gotland. Once again, we got surprised of their hospitality. Bengt offered us the Bygdegård: big room, huge kitchen, shower and a cosy garden. More, he gave us food: fresh vegetables from him and his friends, cooked chicken, butter, juices, pasta... all for free... almost with tearfully we invited him and his wife for dinner. We cooked baked vegetables and salad. When Pia and Bengt arrived with 2 bottles of wine and beers, we enjoyed of pleasant dinner in the garden talking about our journey, Gotland and its people.

Thanks to Bengt and Pia for their hospitality. They and all people we met on the way are doing our pilgrimage a very special journey. Tomorrow more experiences, Johanna Nordenankar is waiting for us at Haltarve where she has her home and her icelandic horses. Buen camino.

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