Day 15. 01/08
Martebo - Lokrume (12.6 km)

Strange walking day. The route has been short but our bodies carry on the tiredness of four days of walking. We wake up without alarm clock. After breakfast, the walking day started. We pass by the wonderful house of Bengt and Pia. We continue the route through agricultural roads. By the traffic road was 4 kms shorter but we prefered to walk without fear to be passed over a car.

One of this roads was the old railway went from Tingstäde to Visby. Today, a long right path crossing the fields.

We reached Lokrume Kyrka very early. We visited the church and continue to our sleeping place: Haltarve Islandshästar ( ). A farm where Johanna Nordenankar has a big stable with Icelandic horses. Some of the horses are pilgrims, probably the first ones to ride S:t Olofsleden in 21st century, an old pilgrimage from Visby to S:t Olofsholm.

Johanna invited us to overnight in her cosy stuga surrounding by horses. Also, we could borrow her car to buy food and take to Aritz to the ferry terminal in Visby. Thanks a lot for your company! For sure, we will miss you.

After an 'experimental' dinner made by Kaip, a kind of small onion that we collected on the way. This was idea of Peter and his soup was delicious. Also, as people say in Russia, “pasta of marine”: pasta, meat and tomato sauce cooked by Dorothee.

Talking about art, we ended this day. Tomorrow, Othem. Buen Camino.

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