Day 16. 02/08
Lokrume - Othem (18.5 km)

We wake up with new energies. Sunny day. After coffee with Johanna, we left Haltarve. We took the wrong way. No drama. It was only unexpected 2 kms. When we saw the landmark of S:t Olofsleden, we knew that we were on the right way. On the road to Hejnum, we met a hiker walking to Bro, Magnus> from Malmö. An archaeologist that uses his legs for travelling, this is the meaning of the word 'Apostlahästar'. His last long-walk was done in the Alps. Gotland is too flat for him but he can walk longer distances instead.

In Riddare, we saw the impressive Medieval gate of the farm. For lunch, we decided to stop close to the old windmill of Rings. The stone wall was perfect for laying down and siesta. After that, the landscape changed from agricultural fields and small forest to limestone 'desert' area. With short trees and white ground. But the nature is so rich in Gotland that, in this landscape, we walking through two nature reserves. There is a beautiful small violet flower that grows up in Filehajdar named Nipsippa.

We pass for an abandoned quarry and the huge Cementa quarry of Slite. We reached Othem around 19. In the garden of her house, the priest Lena Maria Hagensen and a local family were waiting for us. After a simple and nice mass in the church, she invited us a grill with lamp, salchiches and salad. Wonderful dinner. We discussed about the history of Nordic countries, Russia and Visby with Eva, an historian from Goteborg.

Tired but very happy, we went to the församlingshem for sleeping. Alex from Basque Country came for joining our pilgrim community. Before going inside our sleeping bags, we enjoyed a long-time sauna. This is practical part to walk with people from Finland. They know how spend a good time in the sauna.

Tomorrow, resting day in this quiet and relaxing place. Thanks to Lena Maria Hagensen for a pretty evening.

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