Day 17. 03/08
Othem (Resting day)

Resting day is synonymous of Sleeping. Othem Församlingshem has become a zombie area. Pilgrims walking around with half-close eyes, open mouths and doing non-Human sounds. You could find them laying on the floor, walking to the fridge, wandering outside in the garden but no so far...

Anna Norberg from Baltic Art Center visited us with Aaron, her 5-years son. He brought us her potatoes and carrots planted by Aaron. She drove Åsa to Slite for buying food.

In the afternoon, the kitchen became a research lab. Alex and Juanma cooked the dinner, salad and tortilla española, and Peter baked 4 breads using coffee, peanuts, carrots and seeds found in the garden. Good energy and funny time talking about cooking tips. Anna joined us for dinner. It was nice to discuss the pilgrimage with her. As proud pilgrims, we were talking about our adventures and particularities happened on the way.

When the sun set, the pilgrim zombies went back into their sleeping bags for dreaming incoming adventures and dinners. Tomorrow, we will reach S:t Olofsholm, where Lotte Nygren will be waiting for us with a delicious vegetarian grill.

Thanks to Anna for her support and priest Lena Maria for letting us to rest in this comfortable församlingshem. Buen camino.

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