Day 21. 07/08
Fårö - Fårö Fyr (12 km)

We decided to have a relaxing day. After breakfast, we went to Sudersand, the second best beach of Sweden. For this reason, it is full of people in summer time. We found a remote place where we could swim unclothed as habitual.

From there, we bought food in the only store of Fårö. Our lunch was late and after eating we slept siesta as habitual. Around 20.30, we started to pack and thinking about our last walking step: to approach Fårö Fyr under the full moon for seeing the sunrise.

At 22.00, Annki and Nils-Erik came from Suderbyn for join us. Walking under full moon has been a great experience for us. Something magical was involved by the moonlight.

When we reached Sudersand, Igor and Juanma swimmed - naked, of course - in a dark sea that was bathed in silver moonlight. In Lila Gasmora, our pilgrim group splitted out for a mistake. Some of us went directly to the lighthouse by the traffic road. Other ones went through the forest of Avanäs.

From the Skalasandvik, we could see the blinking light of Fårö Fyr.

During 3 weeks, we used the churches as a land markers on the day. But last night, we used the lighthouse as walking reference for reaching our goal: the sunrise after full moon.

As a metaphorical pilgrimage, the end of the path is the beginning of another one. Cycle of life.

When we arrived to Fårö Fyr, all pilgrims were together again. Hugs for celebrating the end of pilgrimage. Using a fireplace, we grilled food meanwhile we were waiting for the sunrise,

Slowly, all heaven was filled of light. Violet, red, orange, yellow... one golden fireball rose on the horizon. Silence to respect the sublime moment.

Our pilgrimage is done. Many experiences, many people, many story-tellings about this magical island.. As all journeys, we have left a piece of our hearts in the territory walked on. In this case, Gotland. We will not be the same persons when will come back home.

Buen Camino.

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