Day 20. 06/08
Fleringe - Fårö (26.3 km)

Long long day.

We slept very well at Birgitta and Björn's home, the farm of Skymnings. All of us rested on comfortable beds. After breakfast, we visited Birgitta's ateljé. It was nice to discover her colorful paintings and beautiful drawings.

Our way was beside of Bästeträsk lake and along a lovely nature reserve. Nils-Erik told us about how a Finnish limestone company tried to destroy the forest for building an open mine there. Local people stopped it. But they think that only won a battle. The fight for preserving this jewel of nature goes on... As homage, we swimming naked in the lake and drink from its water.

We reached the harbour of Ar on time. There, we met Per Gunnar Werkelin. The original idea was to go by boat to Fårö. But it is a windy day and we couldn't sail. Per and her wife drove to Fårösund.

We was surprised to know that Per was the person that found the Viking treasure in Stavgard. He told us how it was. Very nice to remind our stay in Stavgard and people that take care for the place, specially to Anna Sylvan.

In Fårösund, we had lunch and short siesta. Nils-Erik and Klara left us before taking the ferry to Fårö.

It was very exciting to step on Fårö. We realised that our journey is ending... On the map, Fårö was always an island very very far away... until this afternoon.

As usual, we avoided the traffic road by wandering for an amazing rural landscape. We have got influence by magical environment of the island.

When we reached the church of Fårö, there was a massa. We attended to it, most of us have not religious interests but it was nice to get involved for the spiritual moment.

We were very tired. Our sleeping place was not the församlingshem closeby the church. It is the bygdegård placed 5 kms long. Our psychophysical state started to do not work properly. Everything changed when we took a rest at Gutes Bestin, a rock'n'roll restaurant that serves the best crepes of Gotland. Salty Crepes and beer are the best cure for our mental state.

We met Valeria, the charmy owner of the place, and Tomas, a big man that was in prison for refusing to do the military service in 60s. They have build the place with their hands and soul.

Night was coming and we still walking. Almost full moon in the sky.

We reached the Fårö Bygdegård around 22.00. After hugs and happiness, we went to sleep.

Tomorrow, the last day of Apostlahästar på Gotland.

Buen Camino.

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