Day 19. 05/08
S:t Olofsholm - Fleringe (20.6 km)

After breakfast, we decided to have a morning bath. Carin Donnér guided us to Killaj, a beach surrounding for reminiscences of the limestone industry. All of us swimmed naked. From there, we started our walking day. Some of us went to the store for buying food driven by Carin. We took advantage of this situation for carrying our backpacks in the car too.

We walked 7 kms without weight on our bodies, the feeling was like flying over the ground.

We all met again at Stenugnsbageri. There, we had a dreamed fika with Carin. After visiting the church of Rute, Alex left us. We will miss his cooking advices.

We continued our way to Fleringe. We met a biologist that was hunting insects. He was looking for a specific butterfly that only exists in Gotland and has been catalogued only twice. After that, we visited Fleringe Kyrka.

Our goal was to reach Groddagården at 17.00, a musical event by Eva Sjöstrand and four wonderful musicians - Owe Ronström was one of them -. She read poems from her book Grodda and musicians played Swedish folk music.

Groddagården is an old house that has hosted musicians since long time ago. One of the musicians played with Eva told us that the Swedish lira was created there. We attended to small concerts and jam sessions in the house and garden. Nils-Erik Norrby and Klara Michold joined us for the pilgrimage.

We started to be hungry and moved to Skymnings, an old house where Birgitta Eklöf hosts us. We cooked pasta and chicken. Björn Eklöf, Birgitta's brother, joined for dinner and we had a warm conversation about travelling and languages. After drinking a box of wine, we went very happy to sleep.

Thanks again to Carin for her hospitality. To Eva Sjöstrand to invited us for the musical event at Groddagården. And thanks a lot to Birgitta and her family for letting us to sleep in her fantastic place.

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