Born in Madrid.
Currently he resides in Stockholm
Graduated in Kungl. Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm) in 2016
Studied Fine Arts in Complutense University of Madrid in 2013.
Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Europea (Madrid) in 1999.

Apostlahästar på Gotland, Art Research Project. Gotland. [more info].
Mind Department, R-Lab show. Mindepartementet Gallery, Stockholm
A Pilgrim Way on Gotland. Art Research Project. Gotland. [more info].
Öns Röst. Sound Intervention. Pilgrim Week - Lat 63 art arena, Frösön [more info].
Brucebo's artist-in-residence. "Apostlahästar på Gotland". GocArt Gallery, Visby
Johan Tobias Sergel and his friends. Collect Yourself, MFA Graduate Show, Stockholm [more info]. Collective Exhibition. "Collect Yourself". MFA Graduate Show, Stockholm
Solo show. "Vi är har". Galleri Mejan, Stockholm. [more info]
Collective Exhibition. "Exhibiting Painting". OpenArt Biennale, Órebro.
KKH MA1 Show. FAFA Gallery, Helsinki.
Collective Exhibition. "Exhibiting Painting". Kuva/Tila Gallery, Helsinki . [more info]
Public Space Intervention. "Efter Mörker Ljus". Brunkebergstunneln, Stockholm . [more info]
Installation. "Ta med hjem". Harbakka Workshop. Bergen, Norway. [more info]
Drawings & video. "Jordens Ljus" .The Rest of Us Colective Exhibition. Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm [more info]
Project. "Dag=Natt" Mellanrummet. Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm [more info]
Project. "Kometen Kommer Tillbaka Igen". Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm [more info]
Painting. "El Negro no es un color. Azul " Collective Exhibition in El Cubo, Las Rozas, Madrid
Drawing . Más que Libros. 1st Artist Book Fair of Madrid. Fine Arts UCM Stand. Madrid
Drawing . El libro como espacio de creación. Fine Arts UCM Librery.
Photography. "Tierra Domesticada" Exhibition in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid
Photography. "Tierra Domesticada" Exhibition in Tarifa, Cádiz
Photography. "Tierra" Collective Exhibition in La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Photography. “Parejas" Exhibition en Más cornadas da el hambre, Madrid
Photography. "Parejas" Exhibition in Casa de la Juventud de Manzanares El Real
Photography. "Estética de La Alhambra" Collective Exhibition in Colegio Arquitectos, Madrid
Photography. "Estética de La Alhambra" Collective Exhibition in Palacio Carlos V, Granada

AIR_BALTIC (Baltic Art Center)
Brucebo Stipendium
S:t Olavsleden. KKH Artistic Research funding.
Stalker walk Stalker. Tallin (EST) – Artist-in-residency.
AAA Stiftelsen grant.
Wilhemsmith grant.
Swedish Research Polar Station, Abisko (SWE) – Artist-in-residency.
Hardbakka, Bergen (NOR) – Artist-in-residency.
Wilhemsmith grant.
AAA Stiftelsen grant.
Erasmus program.

2017 "Walking toward the meeting of Saint Olav". Book release. Instituto Cervantes, Stockholm.
2016 “Gotland. En ö. En led.” Presentation event of the project A Pilgrim Way on Gotland
     Talk about the exhibition ‘This way’ by Stephen Willats. Saturday tours of Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. Stockholm

2018 “Wanderscapes: Apostlahästar i Gotland”. Project’s publication.
2017 “Architecture. Cities. Utopias”. R_LAB catalog.
2016 "Walking toward the meeting of Saint Olav". A rtist's book.
2012 “Más que libros” Fair Catalog . Photo and artist book refenrece.
2012 “El libro como proceso de creación” exhibition catalog. Complutense University of Madrid
2009 "Tierra Domesticada". Revista Room nº 6. La Fábrica Editorial. Artwork's report
2008 "LA TIERRA (Manual de Uso)". Fundación Acciona. Collaboration with photo artwork
1997 "La poética de la ciudad. La ciudad de la Alhambra", catalog of art schoolarship

Photography Marathon Award of Caja Madrid “Díptico" and 2 special mentions. 2004
Award for the best animation movie: "EL TIC". 2003
Finalist in 2004 for "TOUT SERA COMME VANT"
Award for best script and nominations for the best lmajer and the best actress for "SALSA CONYUGAL " in II Certamen de Cortometrajes de la UEM 1998

August 2012. XIV International Course of Contemporany Ceramica, Pontevedra
August 2011. XIII International Course of Contemporany Ceramica, , Pontevedra
November 2010. Ceramic Course of Smoke decoration by Mara García, Martiherreros
July 2010. Cátedra Francisco de Goya. Course on modelling byFrancisco López, Ávila
July 2006. Photography Course by Pablo Genovés, Llanes, Asturias
July 1997. Schoolarship of "Estética en La Alhambra" Course. Photo and video, Granada


info [at]

[SWE] +46 700 505 609
[ESP] +34 620 814 398

Lives in Stockholm, Sweden

My work is take intuitive ideas that emerged and converting them into both poetic gestures based on participatory activities for engaging people in situations outside their everyday life and exchange frameworks for leading the audience through the relational experience. To convey it, I am working on processes in which I embed myself in a place where I make a proposition: to accept my invitation to engage and get a new feeling-post encounter.

From this point, I understand the role of artist as a catalyst for breaking the normalcy of the quotidian life: if people run I propose go slowly, if people live in cities I bring the nature into the public space, if people don't talk to each other I endeavor a discussion space. I believe in the social function of art as a binding element for a variety of communities coexisting in the same society. In a our currently world which is constantly in flux, art should flow at the same pace, and in the same space, as the cosmopolitan society.

Art exists to make the invisible visible and to be the embodiment of the unexplainable. Art is a pause for making the spectators aware of carelessness in the environment. Art is a meeting point of shared social values and the conviction that the concreteness of the sensible world can transform life as it is lived with others.

Juanma González
Stockholm, May 20th 2016