Torsten Hägerstrand

Geographer (Moheda, 1916 – Lund, 2004)

19.03.2020 – Site&Situation Lecture by Gunilla Lindholm
Performance Arts, Landscape & Urban Transformation – a provocation

Time geography: aspect of time with aspect of geography. When you  move in space you move in time.

The landscape of current: “the endless flow of intermutually relate d moments of presence and absence in the world”.
The landscape is “a fine-grainded configuration of meeting places”.
The landscapes is characterized by “juxtapositioned-ness”.
“the landscape mantle”

It is also a human condition, that we necessarily have different  experiences of and conceptions about our common environment.

LANDSCAPE as scenery
LANDSCAPE as territory
LANDSCAPE as special sequence (you have to be inside of the  landscape, to move around in)