A method in the field of aesthetics and cultural studies with the aim of becoming aware of the conditions of perception of the environment and enhancement of environmental perception itself.

Nomadic space

Nomadic Spaces: Between Places and Spaces [link]
Espacios Nómadas para la nueva sociedad contemporánea [.pdf]

Gentrificación rural

Resilience Rural

Nomadic thoughts

Moving Beyond Borders [.pdf]
El arte de los nuevos nómadas [link]

Mark making

Knowledge production


Jacques Rancière

Joseph Jacotot

Mapping as an act of performing

(Practices of Public Participation)
Trading Places: Practices of Public Participation in Art and Design Research [.pdf]


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Sustainable community development

Tourism and sustainable comunity development [.pdf]

Devised theater
vitlycke – centre for performing arts
Future Epics