About Walking


But it also became apparent that we would be exploring the flow of time as much as our movement across the landscape.

both across the seasons and also in alignment with the different energy flows of each lunar cycle.

reactivating the stories of those who had come before us through multi-sensory experiences in historic places.

what is it to know a place through the affective and intellectual affordances that art provides; how does situating your work within and in partnership with the environment it passes through shape live experience and collective connection; what is the relationship between walking, art and knowledge;

making works which invited or directed actions from their participants based around walking; walks which took the participants on narrative journeys; and ambulatory experiences built around sensing place and environment.

To walk with is to pay attention to and make sense of the world in human scale and time through embodied movement. In this embodiment, it is also to create relationships with the non-human, to durationally walk with the seasons,  weather, landscape, flora and fauna, and the built urban fabric of our city.